Feedbacks and fixes update!

Hey everyone!

We really enjoyed a lot this Gamejam and are so happy we received all those the feedbacks that we wanted to give you an update on our game.

While there isn't many changes on the core gameplay, we polished several things and fixed some others. The purpose of this update is to say that "this is the state of the game during his Gamejam phase". We will now focus on reworking core features (how you move for example) and make a full release with a lot of new features and more juiciness that, we hope, you will enjoy even more!

So here is the update and with the patchnotes, thanks again and wait for for full release!


  • Fixed issue with webgl glitches on Chrome and Firefox
  • Fixed issue on the main menu inputs detection
  • Added text helpers describing features and shortcuts
  • Added player and enemies direction indicator
  • Reworked visual and feedbacks of teleporters
  • Reworked 3_4 level
  • Improved player animations (visual and timing)
  • Finishing last level will now send you back to the main menu
  • Swapped 2_1 and 2_0 levels order

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Aug 15, 2019 Play in browser
Aug 15, 2019

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