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Cool game, I made it through all the levels, and it could have been a little more difficult. It's definitely a unique take on the theme!


Thanks for taking the time to play it !
You're right ! We did Level Design at the end and we were a bit short in time to really polish that phase.

We will definitly re-order them, re-work some and make some new interesting one :)


Neat game, love the art


love the music and the maze surprised me in its playful design
lots of fun for many hrs


This is GREAT!

Thanks <3


Incredible! I think I completed all levels (it says there's more but doesnt load)

The controls are a little clunky, I had to restart a lot because I accidentally moved one tile too far. The level order is also a bit weird as mechanics are softly introduced in easy levels after already having completed harder levels featuring that mechanic(teleports, recharging blocks).

Terrific idea, great execution, only needs some polishing.

Thank you for your comment! It's always the same scenario happening during gamejams, the polish/bugfix is the main problem, as you're still working on it until the very last minute, but it's always a great experience to live :)

Please rate us on the jam page if you haven't done it yet and if you also participated to the jam feel free to post your game so I can try it :)